To build healthy and strong marriages where couples will live together in peace and rise loving kids


Assisting couples to plan for their marriages, build objectives that will help them to fulfill their vision


Our Marriages shall prosper

About our Marriage Clinic

Marriage is ordained by God and marriage is God’s idea. Who ever enter into this Holy institution must be prepared to lead his marriage according to the law of God. It is only in obedience of His laws of His Holy Covenant that we can see our marriages prosper. The Word says ” apart from me you can do nothing” John 15:56 (NIV)

Our dependence on the Lord help us to be fulfilled in doing the will of God in our relationships. His name is honored through our marriages and we are able to help others become fulfilled too.

In Marriage Clinic, we are able to help people or couples establish visions for their marriages. Without vision you really do no know where you are going with your marriage or relationship. You need a vision as a guider and pointer in your direction, without it you fall into temptation of adopting anything that you think is right at any given time. To remain focused to the future of your marriage and relationship, a vision is needed.

The Marriage Clinics are organised and arranged in different venues and different cities. Bishop I Mokgope and Lady Messina Mokgope as founders of this ministry are always in the forefront. We also invite other speakers whom we trust to advance this vision and help to edify the marriage of God’s people. This ministry is still at the “young” stage, it is expected to grow in our country South Africa and abroad or globally. We have now started to stream live as the demand from couples who want to see their marriage prosper.

We will also live to see more people, young people, married and single, married couples and divorcees being helped. We will love to help young people before they make commitment and guide them to have understanding of their commitment. It has always brought joy to see young people grow in their relationships.

We also help those who are in marriages or intended to marry to know the Lord, especially those who are not born again. It is our prayer and purpose to see this ministry grow and touching more lives.

Looking forward to see you, you who is reading this message to join us a be a member and support God’s Word. When all is done all glory will be given to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May His name be glorified. God Bless. Amen

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