Thank you for the interest that you have shown in BIM School of Learning. BIM is a private school following a Christian Ethos. The school was founded by Bishop Isaac Mokgope and his wife Messina Mokgope. At BIM we aim to produce disciplined learners with a high level of integrity. We aim to foster a moral and ethical environment which is in line with our constitution. Our medium of teaching is English, with Afrikaans as First Additional Language. We follow the Continuous Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) as stipulated by the Department of Education. Alongside this we also offer Bible Studies, Remedial Reading Lessons to all learners as well as computer lessons. Please feel free to contact our school office with any questions which you may have.


We want to give the highest standard of education to encourage learners to lead by example, and give our learners the opportunity to become leaders of the future.


To enable all learners to achieve their potential by: Providing high quality education, Placing learners first in everything we do, Providing educators with development opportunities, Developing skills in our

Statement of Faith

Our teaching is in line with Christianity. We believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirits. We provide opportunities for our learners to develop their knowledge of the Bible and we encourage them to live according to the teachings of the Bible. As a staff, we believe in leading by example. We provide learners with regular opportunities to praise and worship God, and also to minister and pray to each other in a small group environment.

School Contact Details

Contact number: 073 796 0426 (Office) | Email: