faith without works is dead

“…Show me your faith without works, and I will show you my faith by my works…” James 2:14-23.
Faith in Christ is revealed through outward actions that give verification of what we believe.
James says faith is not an intangible thing. We cant see faith and not see the corresponding works.
Faith that cannot get the job done is dead. Dead faith can only produce dead works.

Demons also believe in God. James 2:19. BUT don’t ever expect a demon to do anything further with their belief in God. Demons believe…BUT have no works tied to what they believe. Dead faith!
All unbelievers n some misguided believers fall in the same category as demons!
James identifies the person who does not apply works to his faith as being a “foolish” man. Verse 20.
In conclusion, faith likes faith projects. We will never pass the faith test until we incorporate works into our faith projects.
The Holy Spirit is our eternal Helper!!!

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